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Ohio State Bank Acquisition


Windows XP Support Ended 4/8/2014

See our Customer Education page for more information on how this may affect you.



There is a phone scam in our area where the caller claims to be from MasterCard and says your card has been locked or blocked.  This is a scam.  DO NOT follow the prompts or input any information, simply hang up.  MasterCard WILL NOT contact you directly.  



Pop Up Scams:  

There is a pop up scam going around trying to get people to click a link to install some software.  Do Not Install software that you do not know.

There have been reports of a pop up scam offering free credit checks.  Do Not order a credit check from a pop up.  Call us to learn how to obtain a free credit check from a legitimate site.

Medicare phone scam reported in our area.  DO NOT give your personal information to these callers. 


Phony "FDIC" emails reported in the area.


Fake Visa/Mastercard notifications.

"USPS delivery problem" Spam email leads to malware

Ohio Bankers League warns of text scam.

For information on Fraud & Scams click "More Information" below


NEW Mobile Banking iPad App now available!


Order Foreign Currency online!
Go to Personal Banking, then
click My Travel Wallet.


For information on reporting a lost or stolen Debit card
Go to our Personal Checking page or our Business Checking page

For information on reporting a lost or stolen Credit card
Go to our Personal Credit Cards or Business Credit Cards page


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