Below are steps to access and complete an external bank to bank transfer through your Union Bank online banking account.

1. Login to your Union Bank Online Banking account.

2. Select 'Transfer' at the top of the window.

3. Select 'External Transfer'
4. On the Transfer screen, select 'Add New Account'.
5. Select the account type you will be adding.

6. Complete the screen for the banking information.
7. Account verification is then required. This can be done by passing along the online banking credentials of the financial institution that you are adding or by doing test deposits. Below are screens to verify using online banking access or trial balances.
8. Verify account by entering online banking credentials.

9. Real-time account verification will be ran. In the event verification does not work, you will have to do a trial balance deposit. If the real-time verification is completed, skip to step 16 to transfer funds. If a trial balance is used, you will be directed to the window below letting you know your account has been added pending verification.
10. To star the trial balance option, click on 'Click Here'.
11. Once you have clicked the link, you will see the screen below to start the verification process.
12. After clicking 'Start', you will see the following message confirming that trial balances will be sent.
13. Once you receive the balances, log back into your Union Bank online banking, go to the External Transfers screen, and click 'Manage Accounts'.

14. Once you navigate to the 'Manage Accounts' screen, you will see an account option waiting to be activated. Click on 'Activate Now'.
15. Enter the trial deposit amounts on the next screen and click 'Activate'.
16. To initiate a transfer once the account is activated, go to the External Transfer screen, enter the amount, select the account you will be sending from, and select the account you will be sending to. Next, select the date the transfer is to be initiated and click 'Continue'.
17. After clicking continue, you will be asked to review the transaction and click 'Confirm'. Transfer will complete in 1-3 business days.
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