Certificate of Deposit (CD) Option
CD Option is the easiest way to get full FDIC insurance on deposit amounts larger than $250,000.00. Everything is handled through just one bank, our bank, and you receive insurance from many. Plus, all of your CD's will be listed on one statement from us. 

Before CD Option
  • Open accounts in multiple names, deal directly with multiple banks.
  • Negotiate several interest rates.
  • Manually consolidate statements every month.
  • Track changing collateral values for collateralized deposits.
After CD Option
  • One bank — The Union Bank Company.
  • One interest rate.
  • One account statement.
  • No need to track.

Demand Option or Savings Option 

Keep your money working for you with Demand Option or Savings Option. Have excess cash balances sent from your transaction account with us into a demand deposit account (DDA) or money market deposit account (MMDA) that earns you interest. Best of all, those funds can be fully FDIC insured. You will have access to an online tool, specially developed for Demand Option or Savings Option, which enables you to view monthly statements and track monthly program withdrawals - so you can literally watch your money as it works hard for you. 

When you have funds in more than one option under the same tax identification number, the IntraFi Network is programmed to recognize existing placements and exclusions maintained by us for you. 

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